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Providing our customers with excellent support is the first priority. Genesis Reference Laboratories is focused on providing industry-leading accuracy and timeliness to healthcare and treatment professionals across the United States.

Our experienced certified staff is dedicated to delivering comprehensive test services to healthcare and treatment providers in order to ensure the safest, most advantageous care for their patients.

Eden is your Portal, this web based software provides a real-time view of your account. Eden truly puts all the answers about your account at your fingertips. You can create customizable profiles from a test menu that includes Toxicology, Routine Chemistry and others in order to meet your practice requirements.

At Genesis Laboratories, our role is essential to the effectiveness of the healthcare community. We are a tool that the healthcare community can rely on. We continue to provide clinicians and their patients the information, support, and peace of mind they need in order to live more vibrant healthier lives. Genesis Reference Laboratories employs the latest, state of the art LC/MS technology combined with superior customer service, so we may help providers comprehensively address the needs of each and every patient. We do this to ensure providers can access the information needed to make informed decision regarding patient therapy. This empowers providers to determine the proper level of care and ensure that therapy is not limited for those patients who so desperately need it.

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