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At Genesis Reference Laboratories, we provide superior testing and customer service for better patient outcomes. We appeal to physicians for efficiency, flexibility, and tailored attention to their unique needs. We take a great deal of pride in providing our clients with prompt and professional attention while providing innovative healthcare products and services for clinicians and their patients.

The Respiratory Pathogen Panel is a qualitative test intended for simultaneous detection and identification of nucleic acids from multiple respiratory fungal pathogens, viruses and bacteria extracted from nasopharyngeal swabs collected from individuals with clinical signs and symptoms of a respiratory infection.
Using ultra high sensitivity LC-MS/MS equipment, we deliver the most accurate definitive test results in the market with rapid turnaround times allowing us to deliver scalable data that can lead to better health outcomes and quality of life for your patients.
The FilmArray GI Panel tests stool specimens for a comprehensive set of 22 gastrointestinal pathogens commonly associated with gastroenteritis. Quickly identifying pathogens facilitates appropriate treatment and patient management decisions.
This assay includes 30 pathogens, coupled with 7 key antibiotic resistance markers. Our panel enables you to rapidly distinguish between bacterial and fungal infections, as well as informing you about antibiotic resistance markers present in detected bacteria. With these results, you can make medically necessary treatment decisions with clinical rationale that directly supports the treatment plan devised unique to each of your patients.

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